National Novel Generation Month -- Day 5

Once upon a time…

November 7, 2017
nlg narrative nanogenmo

Today just some minor implementations; a start on basic functions to maintain the world: add and update character information, etc. All rather mundane yet necessary stuff. More reading in Inside Computer Understanding by Schank and Riesbeck, and the realisation that I really have to cut down things if I want to get anything done by the end of the month. The more interesting part for me is the natural language generation, so I might have to give up on generating an interesting world in favour of more trivial events.

I think back with sentimental feelings to the days of being a student – no job, no family, but lots of spare time to work on interesting stuff like this. I think that is the real benefit of a university education: the freedom to research pet projects!

In order to make it worthwhile, I will develop the world simulator in a modular way, so that more complexity can always be added in later on. New plans or goals, new actions, or whatever else is required to make it more realistic. I might end up with a version of the Sims… but with a narrative text interface, rather than a graphical one. Let’s see how far I get.